14 maj 2008

44. Ett citat

Det är slött att citera. Och det är tradigt att alltid höra mig tjata om Salon. Men jag bara måste klippa ur Andrew Leonards kolumn "How the World Works" och klistra in här:"We don't have to consign ourselves to totalitarian dichotomies in which vegan organic gardeners stand on one side, threatening to employ the power of the state to deny everyone else their right to eat bloody porterhouse steaks; while across the trenches stand ranks of right-to-keep-and-bear-arms, give-me-my-SUV-and-suburban-gated-community-or-give-me-death Ayn-Rand disciples, draped in the furs of newly extinct mammal species, for whom a lifetime in hell would be infinitely preferable to a government-mandated solar power water heater." Här kan ni läsa kolumnen i sin helhet.

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